The Association of Finnish Technical Traders – How can we help you?

The Association of Finnish Technical Traders is an organisation with focus on promoting its members’ interests on the Finnish market.  The Association is formed by more than 380 member companies and four member associations. The members’ combined annual sales exceed 10.3 billion euros, covering 85 % of the business area in Finland.

We are an effective partner for our members in developing service based business and know-how.  We monitor our members’ business environment and offer them a forum for promoting shared interests and maintaining the competitiveness of the business. We forward our members’ voice to decision makers and take care that their interests are observed in decisios making. We are acquainted  with our members areas of business and are known as knowledgeable and reliable consultant in related questions.

Our Code of Conference Procedures enable and secure neutral meetings among competing enterprises. All our activities follow European competition legislation.

The Finnish Technical Traders is a member association of the Federation of the Finnish Commerce as well as several international trade organisations.

Links on this page tell more in detail about our 21 sections of operations, their activities and member companies and should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!

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