The member companies of the Batteries section import batteries and accumulators. The members of the section are in charge of a significant part of the Finnish portable battery and chargeable accumulator market.

The section is the national unit of the European Portable Battery Association (EPBA) in Finland. EPBA is the leading trusteeship organisation of manufacturers and importers of batteries and small accumulators. It operates both in the EU and outside the EU. The Batteries section was established in 1998 by commission from EPBA.

In Finland, the section actively participates in supervising the interests of its members and planning future requirements. The section cooperates with other industry policy-related organisations and authorities processing similar issues. For the last few years, the operations of the section have been characterised by the strong development of environmental points of view. The section works in the producer responsibility implementation planning of batteries in cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment, the surveillance authority, Pirkanmaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, the trusteeship organisations of industry and commerce, and the producer communities of electronic devices.

Jari Castrén from Energizer Group Sweden Oy is the Chairman of the section and Marja Ola is its representative.

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