Chemistry and Raw Materials Trade

The Chemistry and Raw Materials Trade section’s members include importers and distributors of raw materials for industrial chemicals, plastics, automotive chemicals as well as food processing. The industry’s key players are members of this section which contains both domestic and international companies, operating both in Finland and abroad.

The mission of the section is to support the operational conditions of its member companies by influencing the development of chemical-related legislation on a national and international scale and by producing information on legislation and the operational environment. The section is a part of the international umbrella organisation FECC (Fédération Européenne du Commerce Chimique).

The section’s member companies receive regular information on the REACH regulation and other legislation concerning chemicals in meetings, training events, and in the newsletter published six times a year. There are also activities for sub-groups to support members in fulfilling the obligations of the REACH and CLP regulations, for instance.

The section is a national coordinator of the responsibility programme of chemical trade (Responsible Care). Commitment to the RC programme is required for membership. The programme should be verified by a third party. Each member company is individually responsible for the expenses of the verification. For international companies, the parent company’s commitment to the programme is sufficient. If the company is committed to the RC programme of the chemical industry, it does not need to commit to the RC programme of distributors.

Officer Manager Marjo Karlson from IMCD Finland Oy is the Chairman of the section and the Deputy Chairman is Managing Director Mikko Pasanen from Telko Oy, Senior Advisors Terhi Kuljukka-Rabb and Lauri Leskinen are it’s representatives. Terhi Kuljukka-Rabb is also it’s legislation expert.

Customer bulletins of the Chemistry and Raw Materials Trade section:

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Bulletin – November_2008

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Bulletin – April 2012

Bulletin – April 2013

Section’s BROCHURE

Reach and CLP brochure

Ethical guidelines of FECC


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