Construction Machines

The central Finnish construction machine rental companies and companies importing construction machines are members of the Construction Machines section.  Customers outside the construction industry, e.g. in process industry, shipbuilding industry, real estate, and service industries also use machine services. The trend to outsource equipment due to the related, undeniable benefits has influenced the field. The rental machine market has seen strong growth throughout the 2000s – at the moment, the growth is even faster than in construction. 

The section produces the market prognosis of the industry twice a year (executed by Forecon Oy) and develops the industry with, for instance, market surveys and a shared roadmap.  The industry is developed in cooperation with the customers and Tekes, etc.

The share of services in the business has increased. The development of equipment is essential in, for instance, the improvement of productivity in construction. Choosing the correct equipment, safe use, and minimising noise, vibrations, and environmental impacts require constant development of services and training of customers. The industry is international both due to its extensive delivery network and the large foreign workforce in Finland.

The focus points of the section, in addition to market surveillance, are in the business environment (customers, development projects, legislation) and the supervision of interest it requires. The members are informed of future changes. Issues are developed in direct cooperation with customers, authorities, and other interest groups. The section maintains the terms and conditions of delivery concerning rental machine operations and its services.

The section is an active member in the European Rental Association (ERA), established in 2006. Among other things, the ERA develops terms and conditions of agreements and statistics in the industry and supervises its interests in EU legislation projects.

The section has founded a website featuring the best policies (seven equipment groups) in the industry:  In addition to the member companies and customers of the section, the Finnish Work Environment Fund joined in the project. The objective has been to improve the productivity of the construction industry with the help of machine services.

Region Manager  Mika Eskola from Ramirent Finland Oy is the Chairman of the section. Managing Director  Tero Hämäläinen from Turun Kone-Rent is Deputy Chairman, and Juha Ala-Hiiro is the representative.

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