Earth Moving Construction Machines

The member companies of the Earth Moving Construction Machine Section sell earth construction machinery and mobile cranes to earth construction businesses, the infrastructure industry, the machine hire business, and public administration.

The business concepts of the industry emphasise quality, service, and solution business. The companies constantly develop their logistics and their maintenance, remote diagnostics, and service network. The environmental expectations of customers, ergonomic needs, and the requirements of corporate social responsibility are also increasing. The members’ international service concepts have responded well to these requirements. Diversity is displayed in the extensive trade of used infrastructure machines outside the group, monitored by authorities with surveillance campaigns.

The section includes the leading earth moving construction machine importers in Finland. The section interacts with the customer industries and their livelihood organisations, financial institutions, and insurance companies. It monitors the changes in the business environment and supervises interests in, for instance, legislation projects and market surveillance.

The Chairman of the section is Managing Director Kari Kokkonen from Suomen Rakennuskone Oy, and its representative is Juha Ala-Hiiro.

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