Garage Equipment Suppliers

Garage Equipment Suppliers import measuring, maintenance, and repair equipment as well as machinery for car repair shops, tyre dealers, and garages. The demand is directed at the repair shop milieu, risk management, undisturbed operations, safety, and environmental expertise. Training and the strongly grown automotive data management have become new sections of operations in the last few years. The market development of the industry follows the changes in the car trade.

Leading garage equipment suppliers in Finland are members of the Garage Equipment Suppliers section. The section works in cooperation with various authorities in projects such as the technology calibration, occupational safety and repair shop equipment. The section has actively developed the marketing of the industry through, for instance, exhibitions.

The industry is international, and the companies also operate in Russia and the Baltic Countries as well as participate in the development of the rules of EU market surveillance in cooperation with the authorities.

Sales Director Vesa Manninen from Tecalemit Oy is the Chairman of the section and Senior Advisor Juha Ala-Hiiro is its representative.

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