The Motorcycles section is a forum for importers marketing motorcycles, mopeds, and related services, supporting the development of the competitiveness of its members. The objective of the Motorcycles section is to profile the industry and to promote its visibility in cooperation with its key interest groups. The members of the Motorcycles section are in charge of the most significant part of Finnish import of motorcycles and mopeds. 

The changes in the business environment directly influence the consumer-driven vehicle market which is also seasonal in the case of the motorcycle industry. Central themes of industrial policy in the 2010s include road safety, licensing questions, taxes and their implementation, and the processes of registering and MOT. Competition neutrality and market surveillance have also been visible in the operations of the Motorcycles section.

The section publishes the industry’s registering statistics in cooperation with Statistics Finland and monitors changes in the business environment, informing its members and preparing for the changes. The Motorcycles section is the most significant group for interaction and supervision of interests in the extensive interest group field of its industry. The primary interest groups include the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Trafi, Customs, the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority, the Finnish Road Safety Council, and the media. The cooperation with retailers and car importers is continuous.

Network Manager (Finland and Sweden) Mikko Summa from Harley-Davidson is the Chairman of the section and Hannu Kyyhkynen is its representative.

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