Off-road Vehicles

The Off-road Vehicle Section consists of the significant importers and manufacturers of snowmobiles and All-terrain-vehicles (ATV) in Finland. The operations have been growing strongly throughout the previous decade. The practical use of the industry’s products is substantial: The industry does not only serve leisure activities; instead, snowmobiles assist the work of several occupational groups and authorities (such as the police, fire department, rescue department, and Border Guards). Different off-road vehicles also help urban landowners to maintain their properties.

The section maintains the interaction of its industry with affiliate groups (several ministries, Trafi, Customs, forest authorities) and produces consumer information in order to ensure the right choice of product and safe, environmentally friendly use. The section has been active in the legislation projects of its industry and in the workshops of authorities. The section publishes the Faktaa mönkijöistä Suomessa brochure which has received a great deal of positive feedback for its informative content from both consumers and the authorities. In addition, the member companies of the section organise customer events in cooperation with retailers, as well as separate forums with the media.

Sales manager Riku Vaahtera from Yamaha Motor Europe is the Chairman of the section and Hannu Kyyhkynen is its representative.

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