Suppliers of Packaging and Material Handling Equipment

The Packing section covers packing lines and materials, packing machines for the industry and commerce, and packing information systems. The members companies also deliver information systems and equipment required for logistics, such as printers, readers, computers, and their aftermarket services. The largest customer groups include the forest, food, and technology industries, as well as commerce.

The Packing section covers the most significant importers of the industry. The objective of the section is to produce information and operations supporting the business of the member companies. A central aspect of the section’s operations is the monitoring of the market and the changes in the business, as well as the surveillance of the legislation under preparation. The development of exhibition materials is also monitored.

Solutions, service business, and responsibility are emphasised in the operations of the companies.  The development of producer responsibilities are monitored and regulations are influenced in the interest group network.

The Chairperson of the section is Managing Director Jukka Korpio from Boxon Oy and its representative is Juha Ala-Hiiro.

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