Steel Service Companies

Engineering and construction industries belong to the most significant users of steel and other metals. Steel is needed for a variety of machines and equipment – from frames and booms to baskets and enclosures. Steel in many forms is also involved in the construction of frames and foundations for façades and building services. Without steel there would be no tools, molds, cars, trains, ships or tunnels.

An important link between the steelworks and the customer

Steel can be treated with a number of different techniques. You can edge it, ground it, chamfer it and shape it in many different ways. A steel professional who specializes in steel products and services often connects to the customer’s work flow – delivering semi-finished or even production-ready parts to a workshop customer, for example. Parts made of steel sheets or pipes may be bent or machined after cutting. Services also include design and modeling.

Steel service companies operating in Finland form an important link between the steelworks and the customer. The companies include both long-established family businesses and local subsidiaries of international groups. What they all have in common is customer-oriented work, wide product selections and punctual deliveries.

Corporate responsibility

Steel companies invest in responsible operations – including sustainable development, energy saving and reducing material waste. Companies in this sector also have zero tolerance for accidents at work and emphasise well-being at work. Steel is the most recycled material in the world, and it can be recycled almost indefinitely without compromising its properties. The use of recycled steel immediately saves materials and energy.

Responsible steel service companies belong to the Technical Trade Association.

The section is a member of EUROMETAL, an international umbrella organisation for the steel trade.

The Chairman of the section for Steel Service Companies is Pekka Oja from Tibnor Oy, its Deputy Chairman is Christoffer Ehrnrooth from Flinkenberg Oy Ab, and its representative is Markku Uitto.

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