Steel Service Companies

The section for Steel Service Companies includes all the significant steel preparation and distribution companies. The steel stockholders import and distribute steel and metals, primarily for the machine and metal product industry and construction. The product selection covers steel, stainless steel, copper, and aluminium products.

The steel trade is putting more and more weight on services. The share of traditional steel deliveries is decreasing, whereas the demand for steel preparation services, parallel to industrial operations based on the needs of customers, is increasing.

A central part of the operations of the section for Steel Service Companies is the development of networking cooperation with the customers of the members and the organisations representing the customers, such as the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries. The section wants to participate in networking projects producing additional value to both parties. The section also promotes the opportunities provided by steel preparation.

Current themes for the section include the long investment recession in Finland, the transfer of industrial production to nearby regions, and the grey trade of reinforcement steel which is increasingly transferring from Poland and the Baltic Countries to Finland.

The section is a member of EUROMETAL, an international umbrella organisation for the steel trade.

The Chairman of the section for Steel Service Companies is Pekka Oja from Tibnor Oy, its Deputy Chairman is Christoffer Ehrnrooth from Flinkenberg Oy Ab, and its representative is Markku Uitto.

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