TIC Forum

The TIC Forum has been established to lead dialogue with the key interest groups of testing, inspection, and certification industry, increase its public awareness, and promote its benefits to businesses. 

The name TIC derives from the international acronym of the industry:
TIC = Testing – Inspection – Certification.

Many testing, inspection and certification operations used to be managed or controlled by authorities, but today they are run as private businesses. The change continues.

TIC has been a growing industry for a long time because of increasing regulations and responsibility requirements, among other things. TIC companies verify the products and operational models of their customers. As a result, there is an increasing trust in their business leadership, risk management, and responsibility capabilities.

The operations in TIC business are international, just as technical trade and related services in general. This is why Finnish Technical Traders provides a natural platform for the development of interaction between the TIC industry and its interest groups. The TIC Forum also supervises the interests of the industry.

The Chairman of the TIC Forum is  Mikko Törmänen from Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy and Juha Ala-Hiiro is the General Secretary of the section.

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