Tyre Manufacturers

Known international tyre manufacturers are members of the Tyre Manufacturers section. The objective of the section as Rengasvalmistajat ry is to influence the development of road safety and environmental issues in cooperation with other organisations, authorities and central interest groups of the industry. The section also develops the public image of the industry, acts as a means of communication, and takes part in the international cooperation of the tyre industry.

It is important for tyre manufacturers to ensure that drivers have up-to-date information about tyres. As the members of the group have a large market share of the original equipment tyres in the new car market, they feel responsible for ensuring that the consumer selects the correct tyres and uses them correctly in terms of safety and the environment. Tyres can be a risk or a safety factor, and they influence the carbon dioxide emissions of cars.

To achieve the aforementioned objectives, tyre manufacturers have cooperated as an organiser of the tyre industry’s Rengasfoorumi event throughout the 2000s. This annual, interactive event for the industry and the traffic media has done its part in activating the media concerning tyres. In addition, international tyre manufacturers have regularly published the Rengasmyyjän käsikirja handbook for the specialised shops of the industry. The popular handbook features information on selling and installing tyres in an accessible format.

Tyre manufacturers have also funded the Rengasratsia campaign for several years. Its purpose every fall is to make drivers pay attention to their tyres; especially to sufficient tyre treads. Tyre manufacturers have also funded the sniffer dog operations of authorities. All in all, these tyre industry operations, carried out for the public good, have benefited drivers and consumers. For more information, please visit www.rengasvalmistajat.fi.

Sales Manager Tommi Helikari from Bridgestone Finland Oy is the Chairman of the section and Hannu Kyyhkynen is its representative.

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